I am an independent web-developer from Germany, currently living in Hamburg, Germany. I have two Masters in Computer Science (from TU-BS, Germany and UTEP, TX), and a lot of experience developing in different languages/environments.

I am currently looking for a full-time position in Hamburg starting ideally on the 1st of August.
I am looking for a starting salary of around 42 – 45k € / year.

I am a registered freelancer in Germany, and did all kinds of different projects over time, a full listing of which can be found under the tab ‘Portfolio’. If you are interested in collaborating with me, or having a website done, contact me

  • @derDoc
  • root@derdoc.info

A while ago I got interested in RIAs/web-applications while deciding which to use for my next project and found GWT. I am of the opinion that current web-development lacks a certain measure of ease/elegantivity and am simply trying to raise awareness of that – in the hopes that someday there will be a better way to do (develop) things for the web. I think, GWT is a big step in the right direction – all we need is to keep stepping.

Since then node has happened to the world, and with it a whole eco-system of server-side js tools and frameworks have sprung up.
Especially interesting are developments that go in the direction the I am interested in exploring, namely same client and server-side API, like Meteor.

I would like to get back into research, and am considering of going back to work for the University of Hamburg or another research institute in the area.

In the meantime I have been doing some projects for seed & sugar in Berlin.

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4 Responses to About

  1. Kevin Rasch says:

    kurze Frage zu Ihrem StudiVZ-Adium-Plugin, konnte dieses auf der audiumx.com Website unter Plugins leider nicht finden, könnten Sie mir dieses vllt. mal per Mail zukommen lassen oder auf Ihrem Blog veröffentlichen?

    Schönen Wochenstart!

    Kevin Rasch

    • Vitus says:


      das Plugin ist gerade approved worden. Das sollte jetzt auch auf der Adium Extras Seite zu finden sein.

  2. oliver says:


    wo kann ich denn meine nimbuzz/studivz accountdaten

    eingeben? wsenn ich die xtras öffne und auf das plugin
    doppelklicke, passiert nix. ich finde die eingabemöglichkeit nicht.. wo ist das?


  3. Vitus says:


    du musst einen neuen StudiVZ account hinzufügen, unter file-> add account, SVZ auswählen und dann bekommst du den screen, wo du deine Daten eingeben kannst. Wenn du schon einen hast, in preferences auf accounts gehen, den svz auswählen und dann edit.

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