How to write a decent pref-manager for mozilla extensions


Today, I want to share with you my experiences in writing code to use mozilla’s pref system, that is if you write an add-on for any of mozilla’s apps (firefox, thunderbird…).
After I got my feet wet with the Thundersomething addon a while back, I recently gained some more experience rewriting TBTracer’s pref system from scratch. Thundersomething started as an adaption of Firesomething to Thunderbird (TB), which came with a pretty decent pref system meaning I didn’t need to change a lot.
TBT on the other hand, started out with flashtracer as a template, and without wanting to belittle flastracer or it’s author, the pref code sucked.
That became more and more apparent, the bigger TBT became and consequently the more options it had, up to the point where I had to rethink the pref manager code and rewrite it. Read on to see my implementation details…
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